Balancing The Good & The Bad Of Budgeting

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

Clarify what really matters day to day

The exercise of aiming every dollar at a purpose is invaluable.

Achieve more of what matters, more efficiently

By clarifying in writing what means the most and what steps will realize it, you have already charted your course.

Easily tell whether you’re financially on track

Ever drive along, miss a turn, and your navigation app dings then blurts out, “Recalculating route”?

Enjoy well-earned satisfaction

If even minimal financial goals took care of themselves, nobody would worry about budgeting.

Build discipline that improves others aspects of life

Speaking of discipline…

Beware of devoting too much mental energy

Like I mentioned at the beginning, it’s not all upside. The trade-offs of minimalist budgeting are manageable, but they do exist.

Missing your goal is a bummer

Sometimes, life interferes in ways no reasonable person would have prepared for.

Watch for missed opportunities and human, relational priorities

If there’s one great danger in budgeting, it’s becoming too hardcore.

Field notes from a (sometimes) simple life.

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