How Simple, Prudent Finances Bring Peace Of Mind

A lot of us get into minimalism as a lifestyle because of financial concerns.

An unrelated but tranquil scene. Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash.

Simplify life and lighten your mental burden

A minimalist budgeting strategy turns every financial decision into a simple, even child-like test. “Do I need it? If not, is it really valuable to me?”

Fast(er) track to financial stability

Think of the route to financial stability as train tracks, where two rails run parallel to the same destination. Both are necessary but neither is sufficient.

Own your money, not the other way around

Minimalist budgeting makes financial choices few and simple. Not necessarily easy, but simple.

Be ready for life’s unexpected events

When we simplify personal finance to its essentials, and build the discipline to keep it that way, the bumps in the road seem to matter less.

More certainty amid tough times

The world goes crazy every now and then.

Knowledge of your real needs

A lot of what I’ve shared here comes down to a simple goal: know what’s necessary, know what’s really valuable, and cut out the rest to save money (and time) for what counts.

Field notes from a (sometimes) simple life.

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