The Painless Guide to Getting Started with a Minimalist Budget

By reducing life to its material essentials, we gain time and energy for more meaningful things. People, experiences, knowledge, and other intangibles that money never could buy.

Photo by StellrWeb on Unsplash

No pain, no gain…kinda

It’s true that worthwhile things are difficult. Setting and following an intuitive, minimal budget is no exception.

Pay yourself first, with a twist

Everyone tells us, “Pay yourself first.” I know I’ve heard that too many times to count.

Minimize accounts

The ultimate theme here is simplicity; stripping away the excess and conscientiously enjoying the valuable bits that remain.

Use exactly one credit card

No, credit cards are not terrible. In fact, I can’t recall knowing a wealthy person who doesn’t use them. More importantly, neither can I recall knowing a wealthy person who uses them irresponsibly.

Track what really matters

Despite our best efforts, most of us can’t adhere perfectly without some cold, hard numbers to keep us on track. That’s why a budget is simply less effective if we fail to track ourselves against it.

Be kind to yourself

Of course upholding a budget is hard.

Field notes from a (sometimes) simple life.

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